Core vs Context


The word “core” in business describes that at which you are distinctly, uniquely competent. It is what you do best and what differentiates you in the market. As a result people are willing to pay more for your core competency.core_vs_context

It therefore makes sense to put your efforts behind that core, that differentiator.
Everything else once you have accepted that definition of core is considered “context”.


“Context” is important because it is needed to run a successful, sustainable company. It is also something most people overlook when looking to start a new business venture.


Who am I?

Getting a new business started is hard work. There could be be many reasons why, perhaps you fit into one or two of the following categories below.



Great ideas but does not have the competancy/knowledge/skills/experience to implement the idea?


Has the money, but don’t the idea or skills to underpin a business. The core competancy.


Usually a person who has all the needed skills/expertise/experience, but does not have the money, business acumen or vision to turn it into a business.


Because we fit into possibly one of these categories it is usually the main reason why most new business ventures never gets off the ground or fails soon after starting.

Acceptance of this fact is needed, and the understanding that if we truely want to start that new business venture, collaboration with others is needed.

We provide the fabric to bring everything together. Ideas/People/Skills/Money/Time. Without one or some of these aspects we cannot expect success.

What is the process?






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